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So as probably anyone who follows me on twitter has gathered..I read fashion blogs on a daily basis and [ profile] randomicicle wanted a compilation of my favorite style blogs and what despite procrastinating horribly...I've finally gotten around to it (´∀`). This is really just a rec list with notes about my favorite fashion blogs:

incorrigible fashion pimpage and clearly I have too many girlcrushes )

There are obviously a myriad of other gorgeous fashion and style blogs out there, these are just ones I'm fond of, find particularly inspiring or have been reading for ages and try to check on a weekly or daily basis. (´ ▽`).。o♡.
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Hi so yes I do realize you all are probably staring at the obnoxious sparkle font and side-eyeing me something mad. However if you actually did know me last winter you might remember that I noted I was making this post in October because it would be the only way I would manage to get holiday things done and out on time (ie 1st week of December) and  well..if you didn't know me then..hello and welcome to my shameless nature ლ(╹◡╹ლ).

. Also my schedule for Autumn keeps getting more and more insane so here I am..vainly trying to stay organized and ahead...:S #doomed.

so enough waffling~ if you would like to receive a Holiday, New Year, whatever your wintery celebratory inclicnation is Christmas card or perhaps even a Christmas package from me :") please comment here with  your address, details, shameless demands and what not...if you've already received obnoxious post things from me in the past, and are positive I have your address you can just leave #judgingface icons in the comments to indicate your desire to be sudjected to my handwriting....or harrass me.........#friendship

comments are of course screened ;D ♥


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