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So as probably anyone who follows me on twitter has gathered..I read fashion blogs on a daily basis and [ profile] randomicicle wanted a compilation of my favorite style blogs and what despite procrastinating horribly...I've finally gotten around to it (´∀`). This is really just a rec list with notes about my favorite fashion blogs:

Fashiontoast - Rumi is my favorite blogger and eternal girl crush.her style asthetic meshes really closely with mine and if nothing else her gorgeous photo diaries from travels are the happiest thing to linger with (though the extreme attacks of wanderlust are sort of an inevitable side effect)

5inchandup - Sandra is my other favorite <3, so innovative and edgy but with a really relaxed vibe. She's a Finnish blogger studying in London and never fails to inspire me with approaches to styling and what not :") (bonuses...her blog is a treasure trove for discovering interesting/obscure European and jewelry designers)

Ninistyle - Nini is adorable and very funky, Vietnamese stylist  based in Texas turned co-designer for Nha Khanh.

life-in-travel : Hanh has fantastic taste in quirky, or daring styling that shouldn't quite work but does, superb taste in shoes *q* and wears Rick Owens like none other, nuff said :B (bonuses..lovely photo diaries from family vacations and pictures of her adorable daughters #coolestmum)

cupcakesandcashmere  - Emily has one of the most accessible, well rounded fashion blogs, also charming entries on interior design and pictures of things that make her happy, But honestly it's her exquisite food photography and cooking entries that are my favorite <3.(based in LA)

seaofshoes - of course Jane has to be on here,such an insanely photogenic girl T_T and hi enviable styling skills and wardrobe *paws at*  (also her mum is pretty cool too ;D)

garancedore - cutest french blogger with a fantastic mix of snapshots and illustrations, charmingly self deprecating and whimsical (plus she's blogging much more in english these days which is nice)

TheSartorialist : obviously the essential resource on influential streetstyle and what not, somewhat predictable in his tastes but incredibly charming captures and a great emphasis on male fashion too .

Bryanboy: admittedly I enjoyed his blog more in his earlier days, but he's still a treat with that bundle of flamboyant personality and ace coverage on fashion week shows. 

ChicMuse : tends towards the minimilistic or glamourous (with a fondness for futuristic too), but in the best fashion...very bold, distinctive style.

fashiongonerouge : not a blog per se, but the best resource for current fashion editorials from..well pretty much everything.

jak & jjl : incredible street style blog and what not, gorgeous imagery <3.

UnknownHipster -alter ego and pet project of a French illustrator residing in New York,  I was ecstatic to stumble on this little blog because his posts are insanely amusing (with ace references and subtle, witty humor) and are a really charming mix of anecdotes mixed with commentary on fashion, social/culture things and some quite random tidbits. Definitely to meant to be read with a sense of whimsy and tongue firmly in cheek.

TheGlamourai:  really elegant and  chic with a good grasp of retro. her entries read very breezily too

cocorosa: refreshing and very feminine , sweet blogger from the Netherlands:

dirtyflaws : very eclectic mix with a decidedly gritty edge and bent towards the avant-garde 

FrouFrouu - such a cool cat, endless love for her street fashion photography too. \(*-*)/

Vodka Latte Freshly Squeezed: one of the more vibrant fashion inspiration blogs I check, lots of vivacious designers and photography highlighted

wekilledCOUTURE : lovely meld of  fantastic personal style posts, editorials/runway, beauty, and unique jewelry. 

Song of Style: SO MUCH PRETTEH <3, really delightful blog to scroll through

There are obviously a myriad of other gorgeous fashion and style blogs out there, these are just ones I'm fond of, find particularly inspiring or have been reading for ages and try to check on a weekly or daily basis. (´ ▽`).。o♡.
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